Owned entirely by employees, ORGUT is an independent service provider in international development cooperation. The Head Office of ORGUT Consulting AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden and together with offices in Finland, the UK, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania the ORGUT Group offers services worldwide. As a global actor for the past 40 years, ORGUT has a global reach of over 90 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Building better livelihoods is the vision of our work. We support institutions, organisations and citizens in developing their capacities to lead pro-poor and inclusive reform and implementation efforts.

Since 1973, ORGUT has built a strong reputation as a professional and experienced consultant. ORGUT delivers a wide range of services within multiple practices to support our vision:

  • Formulation and Design
  • Implementation and Project Management
  • Fund Management
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation


Our services are delivered within a range of practices covering:

  • Inclusive and pro-poor market development
  • Value chain development in agriculture and forestry
  • Capacity building in international standards to promote private sector development
  • Skills development and employment
  • Water resources management and climate change adaptation
  • Sustainable land administration and support for land rights
  • Development finance to implement and mainstream financial instruments
  • Public sector administration and support for good governance


Within its wide range of business areas, ORGUT provides short and long term consulting services to donors, ministries and other public or private sector organisations. ORGUT specialises in embedding long term technical advisors in ministries and agencies at national, regional and local levels of government or other programme specific functions. Common to all advisors working with ORGUT is their dedication to transferring technical and managerial skills to their counterpart organisations.

ORGUT staff has long experience from consultancies in the field and office based project management positions. ORGUT offers a unique combination of true dedication to sustainable development, technical competence and field experience and efficient and effective project management and administration services.

ORGUT is committed to a tight follow-up throughout the life span of an intervention. ORGUT Consulting AB is holds an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for its Quality Management System which ensures stringent quality assurance of all assignments. ORGUT’s Project and Financial Management Services are either an integrated part of an assignment or can be provided as standalone services to agencies seeking support in project, financial and fund management.