In 2013, ORGUT had dedicated 40 years to supporting sustainable development. The past year has provided us with opportunities to reflect on our contributions to reduction of poverty in the world.

ORGUT provides services in formulation and design, implementation and project management, fund management, and performance monitoring and evaluation to bilateral and multilateral donors, bringing a wealth of experience. The impact of the projects we engage in are measured in the contribution we make to supporting inclusive, sustainable propoor growth in developing countries and fragile environments.

In our market development practice, ORGUT has contributed to market-driven solutions and development of value chains in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe during the past decades. ORGUT’s engagement in supporting the SULEDO Forest Community in becoming a capable market actor in the forestry sector in Tanzania has recently been extended. In 2002, SULEDO was awarded the Equator Prize for their achievements in formally establishing a local management authority, and allowing for the sustainable, commercial harvesting of forest resources. Over the years, ORGUT has contributed to value chain development in a range of sectors. In 2011, we successfully completed the FondeAgro Programme in Nicaragua which by then had enabled 10,000 coffee farming households to improve production and reach international markets. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, ORGUT has supported value chain development in high-profitability commodities with the potential to reach EU and Asian markets through capacity building of agencies involved in food safety regulations and standards. Over a ten year period in Ethiopia, the Sida funded Amhara programme impacted on close to 85% of the households improving their standards of living. Towards the end of 2013, ORGUT started to mobilise for the role as management contractor for the UNNATI, Inclusive Growth Programme in Nepal for Danida.

Developing sustainable land administration and supporting the efficient use of land resources have been a core competence at ORGUT for the last 20 years. We believe our commitment has impacted on more secure and equitable land tenure in several countries and for millions of people. In Ethiopia, ORGUT secured user rights of 5 million plots and set up a decentralised computerised registration system, later considered a benchmark by the main donors active in the sector. During 2013, we have completed an assignment for the MCC funded Property Rights Project in Mongolia which has improved the property registration services and systems.

“Wherever it’s possible, I would like to see every village boundary adjudicated and mapped.” These were the words of His Majesty Tatekulu Johannes Jafet Mupia, the recently sworn in king of the Ongandjera Traditional Authority, in northern Namibia when the ORGUT Communal Land Support project started a village boundary mapping exercise of the 16 villages in Ongandjera. The project attempts to address a number of constraints with respect to land tenure and land administration that are preventing land resources and land rights from being put to their most productive and sustainable uses. I encourage you to read Mrs Anna Hamupolo’s story on page 11 in this report.

In the water sector, ORGUT has contributed with significant impact over the 40 years of operation, assisting institutions to focus not only on increasing supply but also to prioritise resource regeneration, conservation and rainwater harvesting as well as community involvement. ORGUT advisors often work at a central level with overall sector reform and sector wide approaches. After comprehensive institutional and legislation reviews, they share skills in restructuring, client oriented service delivery and effective management, human resource development, cross departmental planning, private sector involvement, outsourcing and procurement. New methods for oversight, performance monitoring and financing through trust funds or community development funds have been introduced, such as in the Kenya water sector reform.

During the past year, ORGUT was involved in the implementation of close to 60 projects of which 50% were new contracts secured during the year. Several of these are important new projects with Sida, DFID, Danida, MFA Finland and the World Bank, which will enable further growth during coming years.

The work that we commit to undertake is dependent on our team of consultants and project managers who are determined to make a lasting impact. I would like to thank our staff, clients and partners for the good cooperation during 2013.

Yours sincerely,
Per Giertz
Managing Director


Our Annual Report for 2013 is available in the column to the right. Annual Reports from previous years are available in the Reference Library.