ORGUT facilitates market-led development in agriculture and forestry for sustainable economic growth and improved livelihoods in rural areas. With 40 years of experience from rural development, income diversification and local government reform, ORGUT is designs concrete and doable market intervention strategies through our long experience of working with market-driven approaches and agricultural value chain development. In several regions of the world, ORGUT has facilitated successful interventions in working with agricultural value chains and markets where adopting a systemic approach to market development provided a clear view of a market system and of the functions and players within it. Based on its long field experience, ORGUT understands that a systemic approach to market development entails not only identifying root causes and systemic constraints facing a market system and its functions (core transactions, rules and supporting functions) but also to use a strategic framework to address the fundamental operational and strategic issues of incentives, roles, structures and mechanisms. ORGUT has been involved in strengthening several value chains including coffee, rice, potatoes, dairy products, fruits, medicinal plants, honey and many other products with tangible long term benefits worldwide. The latest addition to our project portfolio is the five-year assignment as Management Contract of UNNATI, Inclusive Growth Programme in Nepal which will support the development of value chains for orthodox tea, dairy products and ginger in Eastern Nepal and related infrastructure.

Politicians, managers, planners and technical staff in local governments are crucial players in market development. Together with them, ORGUT identifies and addresses critical bottlenecks in rural market development from primary production, financing, market information, access and storage, association building, extension, skills training, business service provision to legislation and removal of red tape. One of ORGUT’s strengths in market and value chain facilitation is its experience in addressing often overlooked land tenure and land use issues.

ORGUT builds capacity at ministries and institutions and value chain support units involved in supporting market and value chain development. Structured capacity building is provided which has included innovative piloting activities in institutional development and change management at central and local government level that have become models for scaling up. ORGUT aims at supporting institutions and organisations into becoming competent drivers change through systematic HRD, coaching and mentoring.

ORGUT provides support to donors in monitoring the performance of market- led interventions such as the M4P approach. In 2013, ORGUT in cooperation with Nathan Associates London, were awarded the contract to follow up and monitor the design and implementation of a large Sida supported market and value chain development programme in Liberia.