ORGUT facilitates market-led development for generating economic development, creating employment and reducing poverty in developing countries. ORGUT has over 40 years of experience of implementing development initiatives and facilitating economic and social progress. It is clear that the role of the private sector in facilitating this progress has become increasingly more important for complementing the public sector’s efforts.

Markets for agriculture and other natural resources are probably most central to development, providing the main source of productivity gains, inputs and labour for economic diversification and the means for the poor to improve and diversify their incomes. ORGUT works towards the integration of agricultural markets by identifying underlying systemic problems when facilitating inclusive growth interventions that encourage small holders and other actors in the private and public sectors to transform market systems. ORGUT contributes with a deep appreciation of local context and an understanding of what makes a specific market work. In several countries, ORGUT has facilitated successful interventions in working with market driven approaches in agricultural and forestry value chains and building capacity in supporting ministries, institutions and enterprises. Based on extensive field experience, ORGUT knows that a systemic approach to market development entails not only identifying root causes and systemic constraints facing a market system but also to develop a strategic framework to address the fundamental operational and strategic issues of incentives, roles, structures and mechanisms.