ORGUT facilitates market-led development for sustainable economic growth and improved livelihoods. With almost 40 years of experience from rural development, income diversification and local government reform, ORGUT is very well positioned to translate Making Markets Work for the Poor, B4D or Governance for Growth concepts into concrete and doable interventions, making them more equitable and environmentally and socially sustainable. Politicians, managers, planners and technical staff in local governments are crucial players in market development. Together with them our specialists identify and address critical bottlenecks in rural market development from primary production, financing, market information, access and storage, association building, extension, skills training, business service provision to legislation and removal of red tape. One of ORGUT’s strengths in market and value chain facilitation is its experience in addressing often overlooked land tenure and land use issues. Another strength is the ability to create opportunities for the poor to participate. ORGUT’s ability to bring together poverty alleviation and economic growth objectives led, in 2010, to them becoming part of the Sida Innovations Against Poverty Programme in Business for Development.

Emerging entrepreneurs require capital to raise productivity and access markets. ORGUT has solid experience in microfinance and designs robust interventions that reach out to women, ethnic minorities or other disadvantaged groups. Our experts review financial services available to the poor, facilitate village community banking in remote areas, improve adult financial literacy, work with enterprise development funds, bring together producers and agricultural banks and help emerging microcredit institutions improve their service delivery.

ORGUT revitalises producer organisations and helps them with input supply, joint marketing, and adoption of international standards or product-specific certification. Advocacy functions of associations or chambers of commerce for creating a more conducive business environment are strengthened. ORGUT Advisors also build local institutional capacity in regulatory analysis and reform, promote good governance and assist local capacity building institutions in offering skills training based on market demands.

In all our private sector assignments we are committed to a Results-Based Management approach. Returns on investment are not only evaluated in economic but also in social and environmental terms. ORGUT has already strengthened market systems in coffee, rice, potatoes, dairy products, fruits, medicinal plants, honey and many other products with tangible long term benefits worldwide.


ORGUT’s services in market development cover:

  • Value chains and environmentally sustainable market-driven agricultural, fisheries and livestock production
  • Formalising land and resource ownership
  • SME development and business facilitation
  • Compliance with EU Accession criteria
  • Rural infrastructure
  • Food processing and safety
  • Product design, packaging, compliance and certification
  • Market information systems and trade fairs
  • Producer and marketing associations
  • Governance for growth
  • Private sector advocacy, regulatory review and reform
  • Microfinance and adult financial literacy
  • Demand-driven skills training
  • Institutional development and management capacity building for public and private sector