In many developing countries and emerging economies, unrestricted access to forest, water, fish, wildlife or land is still taken for granted. Yet without management, these natural resources can no longer regenerate and sustain economic growth levels required for lasting poverty reduction. Income earned centrally from extractive industries like timber or tourism is all too rarely reinvested in rural areas and long-term environmental and biodiversity needs are ignored during planning and resource allocation.

ORGUT puts stress on achieving sustainability in income generation from natural resources. Creating equitable access and local ownership are crucial elements in ORGUT’s approach. Our long and short term advisors therefore work with governance aspects and focus on decentralised management models, be it for forests, watersheds, wetlands or wildlife. Extensive piloting has shown that it is crucial that Governments translate existing Natural Resource Management (NRM) strategies and legislation into tangible action that reduces poverty in the country, including remote regions. Decentralised NRM approaches are field-tested, rolled out and institutionalised at local governments or entities entrusted with NRM. Awareness is created amongst politicians, bottlenecks removed and the capacity of user associations is built for sustainable harvesting, management and use of income generated. NRM inventories and data verification act as a base for transparent M&E systems and well-documented best practices are shared with central level policy makers.

The poor are often the most vulnerable to changing weather patterns already felt in many countries. ORGUT helps farmers, livestock keepers and ecosystem managers build their resilience to external shocks. With many climate change strategies now in place, ORGUT assists local planners and communities in practical adaptation, mitigation and proofing. New project funding modalities and innovative income generation from natural resources can be introduced by ORGUT project teams.  ORGUT can help private sector investors in complying with ever-more stringent environmental legislation. At central level, ORGUT Advisors assist governments in the overall transition to a greener economy.

ORGUT’s services cover:

  • Decentralised NRM, community participation and user associations
  • Forestry, inventories and certification
  • Integrated water resource management
  • Wildlife and buffer zone management
  • Policy and legal review
  • Land-use planning, management and tenure
  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Environmental Impact Assessments/Strategic Environmental Assessments
  • Help-desk functions
  • Ecosystem services and carbon markets
  • Climate change fund and grant management