ORGUT provides consultancy services in planning, design and implementation for water sector development worldwide. Holistic and integrated approaches support equitable access, development, management and use of water resources taking environmental and climate change aspects into account. Technical assistance provided by ORGUT supports water sector institutions to focus not only on increasing water supply and access but also to prioritise resource regeneration, conservation and rainwater harvesting as well as community involvement using participatory approaches. Cross-sectorial planning is encouraged and conflict resolution mechanisms between water users are established. ORGUT’s expertise in hydrology, flood control, data collection, water related infrastructure and climate change mitigation complements long term ORGUT advisors who often work at a central level with overall sector reform and sector wide approaches. Strengthening the capacity in the public water sector through capacity building and support to decentralisation processes is a core competence of ORGUT and includes policy and strategy formulation, development of water utility business plans, legal aspects and mentoring of national officials in the water sector.

In support of the MDG 7, ORGUT provides services within rural, community-based water supply, sanitation and hygiene services in cooperation with water and health sector authorities. Innovative approaches and financing mechanisms are piloted and national stakeholders are strengthened to ensure ownership and sustainable management of water resources.