• ORGUT Consulting AB
  • Svartmangatan 9
  • 111 29 Stockholm
  • Sweden
  • Telephone: +46 (0) 8 406 76 20
  • Fax: +46 (0) 8 21 02 69
  • E-mail: orgut@orgut.se


ORGUT’s Head Office is based in Stockholm, Sweden and together with the other offices in the UK, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa and Vietnam comprise the ORGUT Group. The team at ORGUT in Sweden has extensive knowledge and practical field experience worldwide in all ORGUT business areas covering natural resource management, forestry agricultural development, land administration and management, market and private sector development, public sector reform, institutional and capacity development, water management and M&E. The Sweden office consists of four interconnected departments:

  •  Corporate Management – in charge of the management of the ORGUT Group as a whole, as well as of ORGUT Sweden
  •  Project Support and Consultancy Department – handles coordination and management of projects and assignments as well as carrying out
     its own consultancy assignments within various programmes.
  •  Marketing Department – responsible for ORGUT’s business development system and market management as well as identification of new
     business opportunities, and
  •  Financial Department – in charge of administrative and financial issues related to assignments and overall Group operations.

Managing Director
Mr Per Giertz is the Managing Director of ORGUT Sweden and has the overall responsibility for the ORGUT Group. He joined ORGUT in 1991 and became Managing Director in 1999. He has worked and lived long term in Ethiopia and Tanzania. His main experience falls within institutional and sector reform and organisational development. Mr Giertz holds an M.Sc. in Agriculture Economics with further studies in development related subjects at doctoral level.
Deputy Managing Director
Mr Niklas Herrmann is the Deputy Managing Director at ORGUT Sweden and is responsible for business development with the aim of ensuring profitability and growth. This includes identifying and prioritising business opportunities and assisting the Managing Director in financial and human resource management. Since 1996, Mr Herrmann has managed a variety of short and long term assignments and is currently the focal point at ORGUT for managing innovative programmes and approaches to reduce poverty including private sector development and making markets work for the poor. In addition, he manages the Sida Frameworks in Agriculture, Forestry and Environment, Market Development and Gender respectively and is the home office coordinator for the Local Government Reform Programme II. He has in-depth knowledge of international cooperation strategies and policies having worked several years for both bilateral and multilateral development agencies. Mr Herrmann holds a Majors Degree in Economic and BA in International Development Studies.
Senior Consultant/ Project Management Coordinator
Mr Torbjörn Öckerman has worked for ORGUT since 1994. He has nearly 30 years of experience from rural development, local governance and sector reform/ policy development programmes in Tanzania, Zambia, Vietnam and Nicaragua. He has over fifteen years in leading positions either at home office or as Team Leader. His assignments have focused on institutional building, organisational development, local democracy, capacity building and national and local level planning, monitoring and evaluation systems. During long term assignments he has also worked with agriculture, rights-based poverty alleviation, land tenure, private sector development, value chains, rural infrastructure, community based management of natural resources and training. Short term assignments include evaluations, quality control systems and programme planning in the above countries and Kenya, Afghanistan, Uganda, Palestine, Ethiopia and Laos. Before joining ORGUT, he worked with development studies at Universities, with international NGOs and Swedish rural development projects. Mr Öckerman holds an M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics.
Senior Consultant/Project Management Coordinator
Ms Karin Fogelberg joined ORGUT in 2004. She has since then been responsible for overall management support and back-stopping to various projects and programmes within the field of land and natural resource management. Recently she returned from two long term assignments in Tanzania where she held the positions of CTA in Community Based Natural Resource Management for the Institutional Support Project, Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) and for the Securing Sustainability of LAMP (Land Management Programme) Initiatives project financed by Sida. Prior to 2008 she was Deputy Managing Director responsible for integrating the financial and project management systems in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 certification. Ms Fogelberg holds a M.Sc. in Land Administration from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, 1997.
Senior Consultant/ Project Management Coordinator
Mr Robert Bäckström earned his M.Sc. in Land Administration and Natural Resource Management in 1994. After his graduation he was made responsible for land management issues within a municipality in Sweden. In 1996 he was recruited by ORGUT as a land tenure expert in Tanzania. Since 1999 Mr Bäckström has been responsible for planning, managing and monitoring international development projects in countries such as Tanzania (rural development), Uganda (water sector development), Vietnam (community based rural development), Zambia (agriculture development) and Kenya, Serbia, Kosovo, Moldova and St Vincent & the Grenadines (all on land administration and cadastre development). For several years Mr Bäckström has been the coordinator for the Sida funded International Training Programme on Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration in the SADC Region.
Consultant/ Project Management Coordinator
Ms Karin Billing joined ORGUT in 2010 and her responsibilities include project preparation and assessment, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in the areas of private sector development, institutional strengthening and socio-economic assessment. Since early 2011 her main focus has been the Sida-financed Innovations Against Poverty Programme of which she has served as acting Team Leader. Ms Billing has nearly 20 years of experience from international development cooperation, of which ten as consultant and project coordinator. She has an M.Sc. in International Economics and Business Administration, incl. development issues and environmental economics. She has experience from Albania, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Botswana, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Vietnam. Before entering into consulting, Ms Billing worked with several international and Swedish organisations, gaining a broad knowledge of international relations and development cooperation in policy and practice, including the Swedish MFA and Sida.
Marketing Director
Ms Mirjam Hast is the Marketing Director at ORGUT. In her position, she is principally responsible for ORGUT’s business development system and provides overall coordination of bidding activities and marketing management. She has extensive experience in successfully bidding for projects funded by a range of clients including Sida, Danida, MFA Finland, EU, WB, USAID, MCC and the Development Banks. She joined ORGUT in 2008 and has close to 15 years experience as manager of development projects mainly in the Balkans, Africa and Southeast Asia. Currently, Ms Hast is the Assignment Coordinator for Sida’s Reality Checks in Mozambique and for ORGUT’s subcontract for USAID/Sida FARMA in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Ms Hast holds an M.Sc. in Economics.
Marketing Officer
Ms Sandra Mårtensson joined ORGUT in 2013. As Marketing Officer her work includes responsibilities such as the identification of new business opportunities and consultants, handling CVs and ORGUT Assignment References, and taking part in the overall bid production process for EOIs and tenders. She is also the Project Manager for the Sida Frameworks in Agriculture, Forestry and Environment; Market Development; Reviews, Evaluations and Advisory Services; Gender; and Human Rights respectively. Furthermore, she is the IT Systems Coordinator for the ORGUT Group, and manages the website. Before joining ORGUT, Ms Mårtensson worked as Programme Officer responsible for democracy projects in Latin America, as well as Communications Officer within development cooperation and the financial sector. Ms Mårtensson has more than five years’ specialised experience of qualified communication tasks, and a B.Sc. in International Relations.
Marketing Officer
Ms Linn Henriksson Strååt is part time Marketing Officer at ORGUT. Her main areas of responsibility include consultant recruitments, tender and EOI production and production of marketing/ information material. Ms Henriksson Strååt joined ORGUT in 2008 and now combines her part time work with studies.
Group Finance Director
Ms Irene Ryynänen, as the Finance Director of the ORGUT Group, has the overall responsibility for the administration and finance. She joined ORGUT in 2005 and one of the first tasks were to procure and implement a new ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics NAV), which has facilitated the flow of information between the business functions and reduced time-consuming tasks, mainly within project management and accounting. Ms Ryynänen has an extensive experience from different companies and organisations of accounting and financial reporting, cash management, project accounting and follow-up, budgets and personnel administration. She has also experience of implementing ERP systems and of building systems for accounting, project management and reporting. Ms Ryynänen has a degree in business administration and accounting.
Financial Officer and Office Administrator
Ms Josine Kanamugire joined ORGUT in 2012 and works as a Financial Officer and Office Administrator. She is responsible for ORGUT´s accounts payable and receivable, and general office administration. Ms Kanamugire is the Project Administrator for ORGUT’s inputs to the REILA programme in Ethiopia, ORGUT’s contract supporting ALAT in Tanzania as well as our consulting services for the Sida B4D initative Innovations Against Poverty Programme.

She trained in Kigali, Rwanda and has a Business Administration Degree from the University of Kigali.
Financial Officer
Ms Tora Tammert joined ORGUT in 2014. She works as Financial Officer responsible for the financial follow up of several long and short term assignments.
Chief Technical Advisor
Mr Jorge Maluenda joined ORGUT in 1997 and  is the Chief Technical Advisor in Community Based Natural Resource Management for the Sida funded Institutional Support Project, Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT). He has nearly 30 years of professional experience from Latin America, Africa and Europe as subject matter specialist and as Team Leader in many short and long term assignments. Mr Maluenda holds an M.Sc. in Forestry with post-graduate studies in Development Aid and Soil Conservation, complemented with training in Climate Change; GIS; Environmental issues and LFA Planning.
Team Leader
Mr Håkan Sjöholm is since early 2013 back in Ethiopia, this time as Team Leader for the Finnish supported Programme for Agro-Business Induced Growth in the Amhara Region, Agro-BIG. Mr Sjöholm is no stranger to Amhara Region, having served most successfully as Team Leader for the large and complex Sida-Amhara Rural Development Programme, also based in Bahir Dar, for more than six years. Having 40 years of professional experience in the natural resource management sector and having worked with ORGUT since the early 1980s, Mr Sjöholm’s experience includes forest resource management, climate change, rural development, integrated land and watershed management, carbon sequestration and the FLEGT process in relationship to forest governance. He has served in Team Leader positions in several long term assignments, establishing and administrating projects. Mr Sjöholm holds an M.Sc. in Forestry.
Senior Consultant
Dr Valentin Kotzev joined ORGUT in 2012 and provides services to ORGUT land administration projects. He has a wide experience of cadastral surveying, geodesy and systematic registration including design and documentation of procedures for field work, setting up geodetic reference systems, applications of GNSs/GPS, and development of CORS systems. He also has extensive knowledge of preparing and supervising registration contracts, and extensive delivery of training in support of cadastral and geodetic applications. Dr Kotzev has a PhD in Technical Sciences and a degree as Engineer in Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography.
Programme Manager
Mr Elisha Madamombe is the Programme Manager for Pungwe Basin Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Programme financed by Sida and Government of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The overall objective is to strengthen institutions and stakeholders for joint, integrated and sustainable management of water resources in the Basin, and to stimulate and support environmentally sustainable development investments that contribute to poverty alleviation. Mr Madamombe heads the Programme Support Unit, and supervises a team of professional and support staff as well as long and short term consultants who are engaged to carry out specific tasks under various components. His tasks include ensuring the successful planning, implementation, coordination, management and monitoring of a wide range of components together with the key Programme partner institutions. Mr Madamombe holds an M.Sc. in Engineering Hydrology and has participated in a number of short terms consultancy and research in water resources management particularly in Southern Africa. He joined ORGUT in 2008 as assistant programme manager.
Head of Secretariat FOS Colombia
Mr Lars Eriksson is since January 2014 working for ORGUT in Colombia, as Head of Secretariat for the Swedish-Norwegian Fund for Support to Colombian Civil Society Organizations. The program provides grants to organizations that work in the areas of human rights, protection of victims of the long-running armed conflict and in matters regarding the peace process and the expected post-conflict situation. Mr Eriksson started his involvement in international cooperation in Colombia 40 years ago, as a volunteer for what is now called Latinamerikagrupperna. He was a UNDP staff member in several Latin American and Caribbean field offices for 14 years and has worked as a consultant since then, including various short- and long-term assignments for ORGUT, starting in the year 2000. One of these was as Team Leader/Executive Director for the last three years of a large-scale rural development program in Nicaragua. Mr Eriksson’s main experience is as an aid administrator with focus on local development and governance.


  • ORGUT Finland Oy
  • Pohjoisesplanadi 21 B
  • 00100 Helsinki
  • Finland
  • Telephone: +358 (0) 9 61 50 75 05
  • Fax: +358 (0) 9 61 50 74 00
  • E-mail: orgut@orgut.se


ORGUT Finland was established in 2011, building on ORGUT’s aim of further develop its provision of consulting services to MFA (Finland). Another aim of the establishment is to more systematically utilize the excellent Finnish resource base of consultants with international experience and to create links to Finnish Universities.

The office is staffed with personnel with long term experience of Finnish funded development projects and related administrative and financial skills. The company is maintaining a wide network of Finnish consultants within the fields of land administration, water and sanitation, water resource management, forestry, agriculture and project cycle management.

Programme Director
Mr Greg Jacobs has more than seventeen years of development experience focussed on environmental justice and land reform work. He specialises in rights-based approaches and sustainable livelihoods in land and agrarian reform, rural development, natural resource management and land tenure. He has worked on multi-country programmes developing M&E frameworks for vulnerability and HIV/Aids monitoring. Mr Jacobs has several years experience working with MFA Finland funded projects that includes Project Manager/Home Office Coordinator positions in six projects. In addition he has undertaken short term assignments for MFA Finland in project formulation and mid term reviews. Mr Jacobs holds an M.Sc. in Geography and Environmental Science.


  • ORGUT UK Ltd.
  • 14 Queens Square
  • Bath BA1
  • 2HN United Kingdom
  • Telephone: + 44 (0) 122 578 00 44
  • E-mail: info@orgut.co.uk


Established in 2010, ORGUT UK provides advanced expertise in land administration and management. The office located in Bath is staffed by senior land administration professionals and project management staff. Since its establishment, ORGUT UK has rapidly developed a reputation for high quality delivery of complex consulting assignments drawing on both the experience of key staff and their extensive networks of researchers and consultants. ORGUT UK has special competence in systematic registration and large scale cadastral mapping; IT strategy and technical supervision for land administration; institutional and organisational reviews as well as policy development, strategy and business planning. Also part of the ORGUT UK capabilities are: conducting business process analysis, requirements analysis and preparation of technical specifications; spatial data standards and their integration and INSPIRE.

Senior Consultant
Mr David Harris has worked for ORGUT since the beginning of 2011. Before joining ORGUT, Mr Harris managed Land Administration projects in Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Mongolia, Romania, Macedonia and Latvia. He has a Master’s degree in Cadastre and Land Information Management and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered surveyors in the UK.
Senior Consultant
Mr Neil Smith is a Senior Consultant in Land Administration for ORGUT since 2010. He has wide experience of advising governmental bodies in land administration, national mapping and geographic information through long term experience in national mapping agencies and consultancy, advising senior officials in more than 15 countries. His experience of the political, technical, marketing and practical aspects of managing and administering land has assisted government organisations deal with changes in their technology, status and remit. Mr Smith has a BA in Geology and Geography and an M.Sc. in Spatial Data Analysis.


  • P.O. Box 41078
  • 00100 Nairobi
  • Kenya
  • Telephone: +254 (0) 20 266 19 01
  • E-mail: jeremy.notley@orgut.se


ORGUT KENYA was established in 2009 with a purpose to link the existing strong national talent and capabilities with international experience where necessary in addressing Kenya’s development challenges. ORGUT Kenya’s areas of key competence include institutional reform and performance management; natural resources management; including water resources management and the provision of water and sanitation services and; building practical adaptive capacity to Climate Change in rural and urban development. The office has the capacity to undertake financial and administrative development programme management support.

Managing Director of ORGUT Kenya
Mr Jeremy Notley is the Managing Director of ORGUT Kenya. He has over 25 years of experience in rural development, water supply and integrated water resource management (IWRM) in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia and Zambia. Mr Notley has pioneered water and sanitation service provision through NGOs and the private sector in several countries, and has a wide scope of experiences in providing management support to rural water supply and sanitation projects, developing supportive preventive health, hygiene and sanitation, and community based rural development programmes. He has worked as both Team Leader and Team Member of numerous short-term preparation, appraisal and review missions for several donors including Sida, Danida, MFA Finland, EU, IFAD, and the World Bank. He is also well versed in areas such as participatory planning and budgeting, resource allocation, stakeholder analysis and quality control of different parties participating in the development process and water resource management. Mr Notley has a first degree in Agricultural Science and an M.Sc. in Land and Water Management.
Consulting Finance Manager
Ms Margaret Nyambura is the Consulting Finance Manager of ORGUT Kenya. She is responsible for the accounting requirements of the company and providing financial advisory support for both long- and short-term assignments.  Ms Nyambura has worked with ORGUT Kenya since 2010. During this time she has been involved in development of practical Financial Management Modules and training community and institutional groups on Financial Management. She is also providing Financial, Quality Control and M&E support to the Danida Fast Track and NCF projects. Ms Nyambura is currently pursuing an MBA and has a keen interest in the economic evaluation of projects.


  • ORGUT Ethiopia Branch
  • Jambo Galaxy Building, 3rd floor
  • P.O. Box 4560
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Telephone: +251 (0) 11 663 30 55
  • Fax: +251 (0) 11 663 30 55
  • E-mail: ethiopia.repoffice@orgut.se


ORGUT Ethiopia was registered as a branch office in 2009 after 35 years’ of ORGUT presence in the country. The office provides administrative support to ongoing ORGUT assignments in Ethiopia and its staff is skilled in efficiently managing project related logistics and procurement. ORGUT Ethiopia has built up an impressive database of national experts of whom many have carried out several assignments for ORGUT. The office is responsible for market management and business development in Ethiopia.

General Manager of ORGUT Ethiopia
Mr Demelash Gizachew is the General Manager of ORGUT Ethiopia and responsible for all project cycle management, and marketing management. He also ensures and promotes ORGUT’s long years experience and best practices across all of its involvement in projects and program development business lines in Ethiopia. Mr Gizachew previously worked as National Rural Land and Property Valuation System Development Technical Advisor within the Sida Amhara Rural Development Programme (SARDP) in 2005. He began his career as Business Development Officer, and currently as General Manager of ORGUT Ethiopia Branch Office, since 2008. He is working with programme planning, implementation and monitoring & evaluation, Land Administration systems, socio-economic studies and field investigations and analyses. Mr Gizachew holds an M.A. in Rural Development and a B.A. in Economics (A.A.U, 1990), as well as certificates and graduate diploma on Urban Development and Land Management.
Liaison Officer and Procurement Expert
Mr Besufekade Bekele is Liaison Officer and Procurement Expert of ORGUT Ethiopia and responsible for backstopping and logistical services for international and national long and short term projects. He is also currently working as Administrative Support Officer for the Responsible and Innovative Land Administrative Project (REILA) in Ethiopia based in Addis Ababa under the auspicious of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). Mr Bekele has been working for ORGUT since 1995 and has several years of experience regarding procurement, both international and national, and is well aware of the logistical, procurement process and administrative support services in Ethiopia. Mr Bekele began his career as Administrative and Liaison Officer for the Sida Amhara Rural Development Programme (SARDP). During his long administrative career, which spans over more than 25 years, he has acquired a wide recognition and accumulated a remarkable knowledge in all aspects of procurement, logistical and backstopping services. Mr Bekele holds certificates and graduate diploma from Adventist College of Kuyera Shashemene, 1980.
Financial Officer
Ms Hidra Ali joined ORGUT in 1999 and was employed by ORGUT in 2006 as Accountant for the Sida Amhara Rural Development Programme (SARDP) team in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Since July 2009, she is an Accountant for Ethiopia Branch and Tana Beles Integrated Water Resource Development Project and is currently also working with financial accounting for several international and national ongoing projects. Ms Ali is working as a link between the branch office in Addis and ORGUT’s main office in Stockholm and is responsible for all economic transactions for the Ethiopia Branch Office. Ms Hidra Ali holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science (2009), a graduate diploma in Accounting (2002) and a diploma in Secretarial Science & Office Management.


  • ORGUT Tanzania Representative Office
  • Kinondoni/Msese Rd Plot No. 88
  • P.O. Box 72183, Dar es Salaam
  • Tanzania
  • Telephone: +255 (0)654 26 63 48
  • E-mail: tanzania.repoffice@orgut.se


ORGUT is represented in Tanzania. The representative is mainly involved in supporting ORGUT in business development as well as providing support in the implementation of ongoing assignments.

Office Administrator and Marketing Assistant
Ms Marietha is Office Administrator and Marketing Assistant of ORGUT Representative Office in Tanzania. She started working for ORGUT in 1994 as Office Accountant for the Land Management Programme (LAMP) Support Office in Babati until 1996, when she became the Office Accountant/ Administrator for the LAMP Support Office in Kiteto. Since 2002, she is the Office Administrator and Marketing Assistant of ORGUT Representative Office in Tanzania. Her responsibilities include for example monthly financial reporting, representing ORGUT at the office, and assisting Chief Technical Advisor for the Local Government Reform Programme (LRGP) II in checking time sheets of TA team before his approval. As a Marketing Assistant, she is responsible for on a daily basis checking the newspaper for procurement notices and forwarding them to ROC. Ms Marietha Hillu holds a certificate in cooperative management and accountancy.