Over the last 40 years ORGUT has built up an extensive network of contacts and developed a thorough understanding of the local context in many countries in Africa, Balkans, Middle-East, Latin America and Asia. Together with partners and representative offices, ORGUT is able to offer a wide variety of services to companies, institutions, organisations and individuals that are interested in starting up projects and ventures in countries where ORGUT has a well-developed network.

With a comprehensive appreciation of the practical challenges and bottlenecks facing new ventures and initiatives in many developing countries, ORGUT is able to provide experience and advice based on a well-documented understanding of the political, financial, regulatory and socio-economic context. Our services may include identifying and establishing businesses and partnerships, carrying out due diligence investigations and market studies, setting up offices and local procurement, recruitment and training, and complying with local regulation and tax laws.

ORGUT’s Marketing Department at the Head Office is the best entry point if your company or organisation would like to know more about our Agent for Development services. Please contact us on