ORGUT provides Framework services to Sida and DFID.

For Sida, ORGUT provides services through Framework Contracts within the fields of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment; Market Development; Gender; and Human Rights for Sida.

With DFID, ORGUT is a consortium partner of the Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Services Framework which aims at supporting the delivery of the UK’s new international forestry and climate change initiative. ORGUT is also a partner on the DFID Wealth Creation Framework supporting eradication of poverty and ORGUT provides services in Rural Economic Development, Livelihoods, and Natural Resource Management as well as in Investment Climate Reform.

Since the services under these contracts arise with very short notice ORGUT has built up a structure with high responsiveness and efficiency. Through its large network of consultants and organisations and by knowing all the requirements, policies and procedures, ORGUT is able to swiftly provide Sida and DFID with the required specific technical, methodological and geographical expertise.

ORGUT staff assists in the whole process of identifying the right expertise to delivering services of high quality, including all backstopping, quality assurance, management and administration needed.

The largest of ORGUT’s Framework Contract is the Sida Framework Agreement in Agriculture, Forestry and Environment, recently extended up to May 2014. For more information about the services provided as part of this Agreement please click here.


All queries regarding our Framework Services including call-offs shall be directed to