The ORGUT Project Management System is based on the principles and processes of ORGUT Consulting AB’s ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System. Our system has been developed specifically for our core business of providing consulting services as part of international development cooperation assignments. The system ensures that all our undertakings are focused on providing quality services in a result-based manner. Within long term assignments, the ORGUT Project Management System sets up administrative frameworks and templates to support effective home office backstopping and logistical services.

ORGUT applies internationally acknowledged best practices in our consulting business. ORGUT has in place a Code of Conduct based on the International Federation of Engineer’s Guidelines for Business Integrity Management in the Consulting Industry which all staff members are required to follow. The Code of Conduct governs work place ethics, requires zero tolerance toward corrupt or fraudulent practices and prescribes non-discriminatory behaviour amongst other items.

Human Resources Administration is integrated in the ORGUT Project Management System and handles management of a large number of staff every month of which the majority are in expert or advisory positions.  ORGUT has experience in providing short and long term personnel for a wide range of clients and have established routines for administrating personnel in accordance with standard conditions of our clients.